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Jasper Oak

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Pack Price: £78.94
Pack Contents: 3.59 ㎡
Product Code: 88035-010
Style: Wood Effect
Thickness: 2.5mm
Wearlayer: 0.55mm

Installation Method: LVT Dry back(Glue down)
Underfloor Heating: Yes—Geothermal
Commercial Warranty: Opulay Commercial – 15 years
Domestic Warranty: Opulay – 20 years
Dimensions: 1219.20(L)*184.15(W)
(Discount on orders above 10  boxes)

Completely safe formaldehyde free flooring.

SKU: 88035-010 Category:


Thickness: 2.5mm,
Wearlayer: 0.55mm,

Dryback LVT flooring is like traditional composite decking. Dryback remains one of the most cost-effective and reliable kinds of luxury vinyl tiles available today. In addition to the benefits it provides over traditional composites, dryback flooring is also much more affordable.

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial dryback LVT flooring, Opulay is here for you. We can provide a complete range of industry-leading flooring to suit your property’s needs.

What is Dryback LVT Flooring?
Dryback flooring is simply a type of LVT flooring which is extremely easy to install. It is manufactured in the same way as other luxury vinyl tiles. These tiles are all made up of several different layers which are bonded together under extreme pressure and heat. These layers, in addition to a powerful polymer, create damage-resistant, practical tiles which are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens of all kinds.

Why Choose Dryback LVT Flooring?
Dryback LVT flooring is a popular alternative to other types of composite decking or flooring. Dryback LVT tiles are designed to allow for easy installation. These tiles are glue-down, meaning that they can be installed extremely quickly and easily. In addition to being cost-effective and damage-resistant, these dryback tiles are extremely easy to install.

For Easy-to-Install, Damage-Resistant Dryback LVT Flooring, Shop with Opulay Today
If you’re looking for hard-wearing, reliable and cost-effective dryback flooring options, get in touch with the Opulay team today. We can deliver a full range of damage-resistant dryback LVT flooring to homes and businesses of all kinds. For more information, you can call our team directly, or use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.