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Evian Oak

Call for price

Pack Price: £64.65
Pack Contents: 2.23㎡
Product Code: spc-89024-004
Style: Wood Effect
Thickness: 4.0mm
Wearlayer: 0.3mm

Installation Method: Uniclic Click system
Underfloor Heating: Yes—Geothermal
Commercial Warranty: Opulay Commercial – 15 years
Domestic Warranty: Opulay – 20 years
Pack Weight:
Dimensions: 1219.20(L)*183.01(W)
(Discount on orders above 10 boxes)

Completely safe formaldehyde free flooring.

SKU: spc-89024-004 Category:


Thickness: 4.0mm,
Wearlayer: 0.3mm,

SPC flooring (stone plastic composite) is a popular choice for any kind of space relying on vinyl flooring. Stone plastic composite flooring is an improvement on regular vinyl tiling. This composite is not only cost-effective, it also delivers a long-term, reliable service in all kinds of properties. Thanks to their intelligent design, this vinyl option can be used in a variety of spaces including bathrooms and kitchens.

What is SPC Flooring?
Stone plastic composite flooring is a modern style of vinyl flooring which is becoming incredibly popular in the UK and across the world. The materials in SPC are made from natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and specialist stabiliser. This combination means that SPC vinyl flooring is extremely durable and stable in a wide range of different environments.

Why Choose SPC Flooring (Stone Plastic Composite)?
In addition to being incredibly durable and stable once installed, SPC is extremely easy to install. These vinyl tiles can be installed on a range of different flooring options, including concrete and ceramic surfaces. If you’re looking for convenience, a stunning design and long-term durability, SPC flooring is the perfect option for you.

In addition to the practical benefits, SPC is also completely formaldehyde free. That means it is a completely safe flooring option for residential and public use. Whether you’re looking to equip your home or business with industry-leading flooring, SPC vinyl flooring is a great choice.

For Hard-Wearing SPC Flooring Options & Vinyl Tiles, Shop with Opulay Today!
Here at Opulay, we can provide a wide range of SPC flooring options, including vinyl tiles, to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for hard-wearing SPC flooring, or any other kind of vinyl tiling, we are here for you. Simply get in touch with our experienced team or order your vinyl flooring today!